Tanjung Riau

Tanjung Riau

KTU Shipyard, Tanjung Riau is completed with a total of four launch ways with a dimension of minimum of 30m and up to 100m in length. Our 400 Ton crane by KONE Cranes makes the production process and lifting so much easier.

KTU Tanjung Riau has both opened and covered facilities for its storage requirements. Open areas are compact and leveled. Our covered areas are well ventilated and insulated against environmental elements.

Highly Advanced shipbuilding facility

PEMAMEK Assembly Line

KTU Shipyard, Tanjung Riau is proud to be the only shipyard in the region to host a fully automated 12m assembly line. This highly efficient panel transport solution creates a safe, flexible working environment and provides annual production capacities up to 20,000 tonnes.

For suspensions of the hand welding equipment and accessories, there are fixed floor mounted jib cranes. The arm of the jib crane can be turned manually. Each jib crane carries one carriage with a motorized height adjustable hook for suspension of the welding equipment.etc

The station mounts and tack, welding the stiffeners to the plate. The station works as a stationary system. The station consists of a stiffener cassette, stand for cassette, and stiffener mounting gantry (SMP). The SMP has a rotating lifting beam with magnetic clamping arms for stiffener pick and two motorized welding carriages with MIG welding equipment for automatic tack welding of stiffeners.

This station welds the assembled and tack-welded stiffeners. The mobile SWP gantry is positioned above the stiffeners and the fillet welding is carried out on both sides of the stiffeners simultaneously with MIG welding. For the transportation of the plates, the PEMA TCC_CC conveying chain system is used.



This station carries out the butt welding of the plates into panels with submerged arc welding process. The system consists of a PEMA magnet clamping table and a PEMA BWP-12000/1 butt welding portal. Readily prepared plates are brought to the beginning of the line by means of an existing overhead crane and then lowered on the steel deck. Conveying chains are used to transport the plates through the line.

This one-sided welding station is equipped with advanced 2-wire SAW torch technology and a capacity of up to 15mm steel plates. It is PLC-controlled with a graphical operation interface for adjustable welding parameters.

The edge bevelling stations works as a push through system and it consists of one hydraulic clamping table with positioning device and a machining head which runs on a precise track next to a table.


The MH325 is a steel plate rolling machine using advanced 4 roll-bending technology and controlled by the latest CNC touch command controls to guarantee perfect finished products. The rating for this machine is rolling 25mm and pre-bending m20mm thick steel plate 3100mm wide to an inside diameter of 1120mm. The machine can roll plate thickness of between 30mm and 40mm.

The AR200 is a very powerful section bending machine for all types of profiles including box sections, angle bars, round bars, and bulb sections. The machine is also controlled by the latest CNC Touch command controls to guarantee precise finished products.

The ARI 10 is a smaller section bending machine for all types of profiles. This is more suitable for smaller profiles compared to the AR200, resulting in smaller diameters.

Transportation equipment

The heavy life hydraulic translifter has an evenly distributed weight load of 70 tonnes and measures up to 17.8 metres in length. The automatic wheel steering system turns  automatically to an optimal position according to the tractor articulation angle. It is designed to life a maximum capacity of 32 tonnes.

The KAMAG elevating transporter is fitted with 16 wheels and 8 axis articulation and capable of moving a load of up to 523 metric tonnes. The transporter is fitted with an operator’s cab at each end in addition to the operator’s radio remote control panel which is weatherproof with IP65.

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