Optimized & Industry-ready Solutions

For All Your Marine Needs

We build products that fulfill your needs. From tugs, barges, tankers and general cargos, we got you covered. KTU Shipyard has maintained a world class level of production and its facilities.

Industry focused products

Our Sagulung yard built numerous sizes from 23m up to 29m. Our tugboats delivery is a major contribution to our total production.

Up to 2019, our total barge production quantity has exceeded over 1000. Various sizes and designs of flat top barge, oil barge, oil barge, hatch barge, and accommodation barge has been made by our team.

KTU Shipyard has successfully completed 2 units of 5000DWT cement carriers. We have collaborated with Macgregor Cement handling System for our production.

KTU Shipyard has completed 3 units of 4999DWT tankers. The vessel was specifically designed to carry three grades of cargo up to 4999DWT.