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2nd June 2022

PT.MBSS Steel Cutting Ceremony

We welcome PT. Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk. to our longlist of clientele! In 2022, KTU Shipyard and PT.MBSS hosted its Steel Cutting Ceremony at KTU Sekupang, Batam for the 6 units of Deck Cargo Barges that will be delivered at the end of 2022. PT.MBSS and KTU Shipyard are already in discussion into building more unit of Deck Cargo Barges throughout the year 2023. 

25th March 2022

Keel Laying Ceremony for KTU-1611/1612

We are glad to have our dear guests from PT. Kartika Samudra Adijaya to attend the Keel Laying Ceremony two units of Deck Cargo Barges commencing this month.

24th March 2022

Scholarship Program for SMK 5 Batam

On 24th March 2022, KTU Shipyard partnered up with SMK NEGERI 5 Batam to offer 164 students a scholarship program. Through our CSR Program, KTU Shipyard finds the importance of nurturing potential talents to contribute to the shipbuilding industry of Indonesia. The assistance provided also enables students with financial difficulty to ease their way into the workforce.

15th August 2021

3 Units of Deck Cargo Barge for Norden A/S

In August 2021, KTU Shipyard has partnered with Norden A/S to construct 3 units of Deck Cargo Barges of 300 Feet. The construction will take place in September at our main yard in Sagulung, Batam, Indonesia.

23rd June 2021

Delivery Ceremony - TRANSKO DARA 3205

We have completed our first delivery of 3200HP Harbour Tug for Pertamina Trans Kontinental! It is a privilege for Pertamina Trans Kontinental to honor KTU Shipyard with a total of 8 units of its Harbour Tugs. We wish our partnership to prolonged into a fruitful journey.

25th May 2021

Launching Ceremony -Dewi Batudaya II

A successful launch today at our Sekupang yard for DEWI BATUDAYA II! Thanks to our guest from PT. Sinar Karya Pacific for attending this collaborative event and for choosing KTU as your trusted shipbuilder. We would also like to thank our team for making this event more than just a memorable one.

29th March 2021

Seribu - KTU Shipyard 1000th Barge

Seribu, that’s one thousand translated in Bahasa Indonesia. That’s right, KTU Shipyard has launched 1000 deck cargo barges as of today. We are proud of reaching this incredible milestone. This would not be possible without our staffs, partners and clients over these past 2 decades. We would like to congratulate PT.Pelayaran Kartika Samudra Adijaya for sharing this memorable moment with us and receiving this very special unit.

27th March 2021

Groot Ship Design with KTU Shipyard

KTU Shipyard approached Groot Ship Design for the development of a new type of 4200 DWT multipurpose vessels back in 2018. A final decision was settled on a gearless vessel and a vessel with a single loading gear. The collaboration project will begin in mid-2021. KTU Shipyard is honored to be the first shipbuilder in Indonesia to work with Groot Ship Design.

Robert Allen Ltd wit

26th March 2020

We are glad to announce our partnership with the internationally renowned Naval Architecture firm, Robert Allen Ltd. to construct a series of tugboats that commence soon. This has been a long-awaited milestone for KTU Shipyard and we can’t wait to show!

28th September 2020

BKI Customer Award

KTU Shipyard is sincerely honored to be awarded the Happy National Customer Award by BKI for our decade long partnership! Here to more projects in the coming years!

18th February 2020

Keel Laying Ceremony - Adaro Logistics

KTU Shipyard has completed 3 units of 4999DWT tankers. The vessel was specifically designed to carry three grades of cargo up to 4999DWT.

3th February 2020

Keel Laying Ceremony - Adaro Logistics

Adaro Logistics, ABS and Maritim Barito Perkasa has also commission KTU Shipyard to build its 29m Utility Tug at its Sagulung location.

18th January 2020

First Steel Cutting - Adaro Logistics

We are pleased to be able to work with the talented team from Adaro Logistics, ABS and Maritim Barito Perkasa. On this date, we had our First Steel Cutting ceremony at KTU Shipyard, Sagulung.