Ship Financing

Established on November 17, 2000, PT. Karya Teknik Multifinance had officially operated on May 8, 2001. Being part of Karya Teknik Group, PT. Karya Teknik Multifinance, which is engaged in IKNB (Non-Bank Financial Industry), focuses on ship financing to enhance the company’s capabilities in the maritime field. Our three excellent products are always ready to be the best solution for every development of your business, from Sales and Leaseback, Factoring, to Working Capital.

Continue to grow and develop for approximately 20 years in this industry is extraordinary. Participating in the growth and empowerment of professional business entities in the maritime world, especially about logistics, is our responsibility. Find ship financing solutions to grow your business with PT. Karya Teknik Multifinance.

Karya Teknik Multifinance

At KTU Shipyard, we offer financing options based on your customer needs. 

From individual to government enterprise, we provide you with services every step along the way.