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Our Journey


KTU has been in the marine industry for more than 30 years. It was originally established in 1983 as a humble marine workshop at Jalan Kakap in Jakarta.

A shipyard in Marunda was soon acquired with its initial focus on wooden fishing vessels.

KTU evolved and built another shipyard at Sagulung in 1990 and Sekupang in 1992. The rapid growth is primarily due to the strong demand and trust in KTU products and service. Both shipyards are supported by various operational facilities, skilled workforce and extensive constructional sites up to international standards.

We are the industry leaders and provides the most reliable vessels for all of your transportation needs.

Tug Boats

Our Sagulung yard built numerous sizes from 23m up to 29m. Our tugboats delivery is a major contribution to our total production.


Up to 2019, our total barge production quantity has exceeded over 1000. Various sizes and designs of flat top barge, oil barge, crude palm oil barge, hatch barge, and accommodation barge has been made by our team.

Cement Carriers

KTU Shipyard has successfully completed 2 units of 5000DWT cement carriers. We have collaborated with Macgregor Cement handling System for our production.


KTU Shipyard has completed 3 units of 4999DWT tankers. The vessel was specifically designed to carry three grades of cargo up to 4999DWT.

The perfect solution for all your transportation needs.


Take a tour of our shipyards to see our facilities and equipments. 

This particular yard offers 1000m of the slipway, along the direction facing the sea and up to 250m of slipway for tugboats and other small vessels. Its breath of 30m and 60m is prepared to launch any vessels up to 120m in length.

KTU Tanjung Riau is completed with a total of three launch ways with a dimension of minimum 30m and up to 100m in length. Our 400 Ton crane is built by reputable KONE Cranes for efficient production 

We have built our port at a strategic location in Jakarta, situated on the coast of Marunda. The site has a berthing Jetty of 100m, a well-lit machining shop, and a specially equipped outdoor wet blast and painting area.  

KTU Sekupang is our first shipyard in Batam, Indonesia with an area of 12Ha. It is home to most of our repair works.

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