Our Sagulung Shipyard is our biggest shipyard in Batam, Indonesia. It is home to our headquarters in Batam and has a total area of 34 Ha of production and launching facilities. 


We have a total of 21 production lines for barges at our Sagulung yard. The construction area is designed to streamline our workflow by having an immediate launchway right behind it. The launchway has a total length of 1000m.

Our tugboat construction area is able to produce up to 8 units simultaneously. Once completed, our tugboats are launched in our jetty where we proceed with our finishing touches.

30 production units at a time


To fully support our production scale, our autoblasting workshop comes equipped with 3 units of autoblasting and painting machinery. It’s daily capacity can reach up to 2000T a day.

Our prefabrication machinery at Sagulung comprises of shearing and bending machinery. It is able to operate at extremely high precision and accuracy, leaving very satisfactory results.

Our yard at Sagulung is equipped with 2 CNC machines that can operate at a capacity of 35 T/ day and cut the different thickness of up to 120mm.

Our lathe workshop has the full capability to manufacture products with world class standards such as shaft propellers, rudder set and many more.

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Sagulung Tour

Take a look at our Sagulung facility from an awesome drone flight.

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