KTU Shipyard stays relevant and innovative but at the same time, it prides itself by being responsible for employees, clients and the environment.

There is an importance in understanding its occupational hazards towards its employees and the environment.

An act of sustainability interest help opens up a world of possibilities for the future.

Quality Check

In our industry, the slightest and smallest mistake could result in a complicated problem that might impose a heavy cost to KTU’s reputation.

Having a strict set of procedures is mandatory to ensure satisfaction and meet the professional requirements to our clients. KTU’s manufactured ships and vessels are built to last through the harshest conditions.

It is very important we do our due diligence not only for KTU but our clients who have helped us along this journey.

Health, Safety and Enivronment

Being a dominant player in the shipbuilding industry of Indonesia, we pride ourself in maintaining international standards of health, safety, and environment. These are the value we comply with and practice our duties to ensure all of our workers are able to work in a safe and clean environment.

The backbone of KTU shipyard lies in the people. Without our team, we would not be here today. KTU continuously ensure that our company compliance structure is optimized every now and then and our worker’s well-being and health maintenance as our top priority. 

Our standards meet the requirements of ISO international standards.